Stereotypes harm dignity. In The Radiator Report, you will get to read about the real consequences of bad aid communication and western stereotypes about Africa. The report is a collaboration between SAIH and the innovative blog collective, Africa is a Country. Together we seek to challenge the single story told by Western media and charity organizations about the African continent. This report will highlight how important it is for people to tell their own stories and take us through the history of stereotypical fundraising ads and the media coverage of countries outside of “the Western world”.

A selection of the articles will be shared below, while the full report will be launched at the Radiator Conference in November.


Africa Is A Country
Africa is a Country is a blog collective of scholars, writers, artists, filmmakers and bloggers. It started as a reaction to the old stereotypical images of Africa seen in all types of media ranging from news articles to art and culture. The blog make use of different tools such as original writing, commentaries and criticism, short videos and photography, in order to challenge stereotypes and ignorance. SAIH is very pleased to collaborate with Africa is a Country on this years’ Africa for Norway campaign.