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Here are the results of the Radi-Aid Awards 2016:

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If we say Global South, what do you think about? Hunger, poverty, corruption or AIDS? For decades now, we have seen the same stereotypical images of the Global South in both the media and in fundraising campaigns. It reinforces the image of people as “exotic other”. We believe that these images create apathy, rather than action.

We need to educate ourselves on how stereotypes and simple solutions to complex problems are more damaging, than helping. For several years, The Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH), has been working on these topics, with the aim to create a bigger understanding for how a certain kind of communication about poverty and fundraising campaigns can be harmful. This was also our starting point when we made the music video spoof Radi-Aid: Africa for Norway in 2012.

The Radi-Aid Awards started in 2013, as a result of the engagement from all around the world with our first video. We are really honored that also our two latest videos – Let’s Save Africa: Gone Wrong and Who Wants To Be A Volunteer – have been received in the same way, and that people from all over wants to join the discussion and laugh out loud about our own self-perceptions. With the Radi-Aid Awards, we wish to highlight both the positive and negative examples of fundraising campaigns. And not the least, ask ourselves: How can we do it better?

The Rusty Radiator Award goes to the fundraising video with the worst use of stereotypes. This kind of portrayal is not only unfair to the persons portrayed in the campaign, but also hinders long-term development and the fight against poverty.

The Golden Radiator Award goes to the fundraising video using creativity and creating engagement. This kind of charity campaign is stepping outside of the common way with using stereotypes. Vote now!